Design of restaurant in Kiev — Teahouse Ufa 450 sq.m

Design of restaurant in Kiev - Teahouse Ufa 450 sq.m - Chaykhana-dizayn-interyera-6Design of restaurant in Kiev - Teahouse Ufa 450 sq.m - Chaykhana-dizayn-interyera-5

Restaurant «Chaikhana» is located on a busy street in Ufa. According to this the main task of the designer was to develop an unusual, eye-catching design of the interior, that would perfectly complements the richness of The Uzbek cuisine.

The room of the restaurant is about 800 sq.m. According to this there are many different areas.

On the first floor there is a café with open kitchen and bar. The wooden structure is used separate a small, cozy lounge areas of the total space.

There is also a place near the windows and some tables on the podium.

The design of the first floor used rich ornamentation. It traces everywhere: in the tiles on the floor and on the ceiling,  in wooden shutters and carved squares that create a wall geometric panels.

The wall near the bar is decorated with a huge number of different, both in form and ornament, tiles that are laid out on various levels from the wall, creating a three-dimensional composition.

In the decoration of the interior is used a lot of wood, with all kinds of textures, colors and shades.

And of course, plenty of soft pillows with Bashkir patterns — all this creates an image of a bright and unique Chaikhana.

The massive staircase, that leads on the second floor, is made of wood. Balusters painted in colors that dominate the interior of the first floor. On request, the second floor is a full-fledged restaurant, with comfortable upholstered furniture, sofas and a hookah bar. At the center of the room there is a wooden gazebo, which has a twist dastarkhan (Uzbek low dining table) on the podium, surrounded by a large number of soft pillows and brightly colored fabrics. These «niche» are designed for the large companies of 6-8 people. Immediately behind them there is a small, quiet area with a few tables with bright, colorful furnishings. two types of tiles, imitate wood, are On the floor   and under every table is a beautiful, home carpet. Ceiling is sheathed by wood paneling, beams and carpets with Bashkir patterns. They create additional comfort and accompanying atmosphere.

Another room in the Chaikhana, of course, a banquet hall. In a counterbalance to the rest interior it is quite bright, but very grandiose and festive.

The ceiling in this room is very low, so the possibility to use fabric and the stucco was only in the middle of the room, above a banquet table. Chandeliers in conjunction with the fabric are looked very elegant and beautiful. At the center of the room is a large table, decorate various tissues, and in the center of the table there is a wooden tray for all kinds of decoration, flowers, fruits, that also creates a festive atmosphere. Entrance to the Hall looks luxurious, and is complemented by carved chests with classic white lights and tall candlesticks, standing on either side of the door.

In general, the chaikhana -is a restaurant, that has their own theme, the national interior, traditions and cuisine.

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