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Children’s interior design modern-store bakery, projected in the resort town of Yevpatoria, a very distinguished among their own kind. Calculated mainly on young couples and families with children, the interior seems very home and cozy, has to rest. In itself, the room is not too big, but thanks to the rational zoning, the designer was able to embody the idea of ​​join small shop confectionery and café, where you can also buy and taste the delicious masterpieces. </ P>

On the landing, a café is divided into different number of visitors, from 2 to 6 people at the table. Thus, they can be like a pair of two people or a big family with children, as the café into account the requirements of each client, even the smallest. In the hall there is a designated place in the children’s corner, there is a big advantage over the other institutions of a similar type.

The very design of the interior is saturated with various decorative elements. This children’s toys, images of angels by famous Ukrainian artist Eugenia Gapchinskoy, racks that hosts a lot of different things that together create a unique feeling of comfort. On the walls decorative plaster designer uses bright colors, so that the rest of the scenery visible and attract attention. Also in the interior is bright, colorful furniture and colorful textiles. Mirrors on the walls visually add space and air in a very narrow, small room. In the halls of a lot of artificial light, but also in the cafe there is a large low windows, through which the room gets a lot of sunlight, so that the interior of the perceived light, friendly and colorful. Along the windows are French sofas, soft and homey pillows. </ P>

In general, all of these techniques, materials and finishes create a unique style of child-candy store, which is to be sure to visit and spend as much time as you can. </ P>

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