DRUZI CAFE, PROREZNAYA, str. - DRUZI-cafe-dizayn-interyera-1 DRUZI CAFE, PROREZNAYA, str. - DRUZI-cafe-dizayn-interyera-2

Let us introduce you a new our project for the DRUZI cafe network. This place used to be a beauty salon, but now the only left of it is interesting vertical division of space. So the planning structure of areas includes three levels.

At first level there is a bar and lounge area for relaxing with friends.

The second level — a kind of intellectual recreation area in a cozy atmosphere. The main decoration materials of this area is wood and metal. The distinctive features of the interior are a table flying on metal cables and a decorative fireplace. Also it is interestingly how the designers organized the area in the corner near the window: the wooden sill is used as a bench and  a bar table with several bar stools.

The third level is a more cozy and intimate areas, where all the walls painted in red.

In general, The materials that used in this interior design are the distinctive features of the DRUZI cafe network: concrete, painted brick and plaster in some places painted in bright color.

If you have any questions, you can contact us: info@sedarte.com.ua

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