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Interior design

Interior design by Sedarte

Interior design is primarily a reflection of the lifestyle. The items around us are able to tell much more about the priorities, views on life and habits of their owners than they themselves. That’s why the choice of interior design, style and mood that will reign in living space is important for the inner comfort, harmony of mind and moral balance of the owner of the house. Of course, functionality and ergonomics should not be forgotten either. Design Studio “Sedarte” has been developing interior projects for more than six years.

Maximum attention is paid to the personal qualities of the customer, on the basis of which the style of the interior is formed, because in a living space a person should feel comfortable and at ease.

And no restrictions on choosing a style – that’s the approach we prefer! Everyone is impressed with their own style in the interior, and no trends should affect it. Interior design can be decorated in the style of high-tech, pop art, country, contemporaryi or shabby chic – it all depends not on the designer who leads the project, but on you, because only you know what you like the most, what style you lean towards in everyday life and what you love the most. The designer receives the necessary information from you, and based on this, creates an interior suitable for you.

What does interior design mean?

Interior design is a set of solutions that begins with choosing an interior style and ends with the selection of a shade of flower vase. But the designer and the customer must go hand in hand all this way, then the result is guaranteed to exceed all possible expectations! Design Studio “Sedarte” designers build not only business but also friendships with customers, which is important for any successful cooperation. We use an approach in which the designer and the client become a whole – a team for the duration of the development and implementation of the project. Based on experience, such cooperation brings the most fruitful results. It’s always easy, fun to work with our designers, and understanding is achieved half-heartedly – that’s why, once contacting Design Studio “Sedarte,” the customer acquires his like-minded person and certainly comes back. Heartfelt relationships within the team and a warm dialogue with the client are some of the important qualities that distinguish Design Studio “Sedarte” in the Ukrainian market, and Kiev in particular. The individual approach, the desire for perfection, the qualitative implementation of the plan, as well as the creative component laid down in the very name of the studio – all this is reflected in each project of the studio and brings visible results. For interior design, as not only a creative product, but also a functional product, all this plays an important role. A personal approach makes it possible to create something unique and special. Perfectionism helps to implement the interior design project at the highest level! Quality work is a big plus in any business. And a creative approach is a guarantee that any, even the most banal solution, will be beaten in a new, more interesting and original way.

Studio staff approach any issue in a balanced and thought-up manner. It can be a complex redevelopment, which requires permission, building materials that for some reason were damaged on the road, or nuances in organizing the workflow with contractors – our employees will skillfully cope with any tasks on their own without disturbing you or your family. Experience gives us the opportunity to become a professional in our field – that’s what we value the most at Design Studio “Sedarte” and that’s what pushes us never to stop there and always move only forward!

What’s important about interior design?

In interior design, it is important to navigate recent trends. Even if you are most close to the Victorian style, such knowledge gives you the opportunity to create a modern interior that will be intertwined with characteristic elements of that period. And Design Studio’s website “Sedarte” will help! The information section “Interior Design Styles” will help you understand the variety of interior solutions, and “Blog” will guide you in the latest trends. In addition, on the site you can get acquainted with the team, study the portfolio of designers, learn about different directions in interior design, determine your preferences and see international projects to equal. Photos of the previous works of Design Studio designers “Sedarte,” which have both private and public projects, will demonstrate the capabilities of designers. In short, if you are approaching renovation of an apartment or house, and you are confused and have not yet chosen a studio that will help you survive it easily and even with pleasure, the specialists of Design Studio “Sedarte” will help in this.

The cost of design development

The projects are delivered on a turnkey basis – from the development of a sketch of the future interior to the completion of all construction and decorative work, the selection of furniture and even the call of a clearing agency. The studio’s services include sketching, creating an interior design project, selecting materials, and supervising repair and construction work. Among the additional services, Design Studio “Sedarte” offers the development of furniture, decorative elements, stained glass windows, mosaic panels, forged products, art parquet, facade design, ventilation and air conditioning. Depending on the wishes and requests of the client, the cost of the project can range from $20 to $40 per square meter. It’s very easy to order an interior design project. To do this, you need to decide on the style, make a list of cherished desires for the future interior, mark your favorite interiors and feel free to contact Design Studio “Sedarte”. All contacts are listed on the site. For convenience, you can also contact the studio via social media using Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. When choosing an interior design, don’t forget: living space is not just the latest trends and fashion, but a place where you should feel harmonious and holistic, as if it were a continuation of your inner world. Our interior design studio understands this well, so, having a great understanding of current trends, they will select what suits you. Rest assured that Design Studio “Sedarte” designers will become reliable guides and help you achieve the desired result!

All contacts are listed on the site. For convenience, you can also contact the studio via social media using Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. When choosing a design, don’t forget: living space is not just the latest trends and fashion for the loft, but a place where you should feel at ease and holistic, as if it were an extension of your inner world. Sedarte’s interior design studio understands this well, so even having a great understanding of current trends, they will select exactly what suits you!