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Design Studio «Sed Arte» presents the next project for the Ilaya Family network.

The main task facing the designer would create a homely space that does not resemble a familiar hospital.

Distinctive features of this interior design are constructivism and minimalism. By mixing this two styles can be traced marginal rationality.

 From the constructivism is taken a simple geometry, a clear color separation and utility materials. The decor is very restrained.

 Simulation of light and space of minimalism. Traced the similarity of the two clinics.

 Designer lighting applied at different levels, so that zoning can be traced on the premises.

 The palette of natural tones is complemented with wood, glass and metal.

Thanks to these methods the rooms did not evoke associations with hospitals to which we are all so used to.

Guided by the sanitary rules and regulations for the clinics places were divided into functional areas: public and private.

For the public area — the reception area, waiting area, toilets.

The private area includes a mini kitchen, a staff room, a room for inventory.

Also, The space is divided into two functional areas: for adults and children.

Designers managed to create a cozy, almost homely atmosphere, where the patient feels as ease as at home.

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