LIGHT IN THE HOUSE - svet-v-dome1

LIGHT IN THE HOUSE - svet-v-dome

The customer for this project was a creative young couple.

The main task facing the designer was to transform a city apartment in a country house. So  the style of The interior is  Country, with all its usual attributes: natural ecological materials and the identification of their texture, pastel colors, beam constructed on the ceiling, comfortable sofas and beds with lots of colorful pillows, coffee tables and cabinets made of natural wood, plank flooring, wrought-iron chandeliers and sconces, etc ..

But the project still has an allusion to the  apartment is in the center of the urban city. This trend is reflected in the mirrored pillars of a traditional bed, chrome mixer taps near the ceiling lights mimic forged copper, in clear lines built shelves and paintings that depict the urban landscape.

Mint color is used in almost every room, but in its different shades and different textures.

The skillful combination of several kinds of hardwood gives a rustic comfort to the interior.

In general, the traditional planning structure of this apartment did not involve the presence of the hall, which very confused customers.

This problem was solved by building a small partition with integrated bio fireplaces, that visually separate the desired functional area, however, do not reduce the living room.

Also, the organization of the office in a small apartment is very unusual: The designer, in fact, hides the functional area in the wardrobe behind a sliding door.

In general, the interior turned in quite easy and unobtrusive space, due to its color and style solutions.

And the designer can transform a small city apartment into a cozy country house.

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