MINI-HOTEL «LAMBERT» - Mini-otel-Lambert-dizayn-interyera-1MINI-HOTEL «LAMBERT» - Mini-otel-Lambert-dizayn-interyera-2

If you come to the Beregovo city you just could not pass by the mini-hotel «Lambert». Even just looking at the facade and charming little courtyard, you feel the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. The main idea of ​​the creation of this project was to move guests into the atmosphere of provincial France.

Both the interior and exterior of the hotel are designed in the Provence style. Each element of the interior evokes a sense of romance and tranquility.

Furniture in this interior plays not only functional but also a decorative role. It was an antique, painted, and has a look as if it has served more than one generation.

The floral motifs are traced all over the interior: ceramic, chandeliers, textiles, wallpaper.

Also designer used a lot of forged elements painted in white or black colors. Forging is not massive and fanciful, almost weightless.

There is an opinion that the Provence style is created over the years and generations, its details and features are accumulated over a long time. However, that is no reason not to try create something similar in the new interior. After all  The Provencal style is not only the interior, it’s a lifestyle.

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