THE GOOD MOOD - Khoroshee-nastroenie-dizayn-interyera-1

THE GOOD MOOD - Khoroshee-nastroenie-dizayn-interyera-2

Design project of this apartments is created for a young couple, with diverse interests, creative ideas and bright taste.

The features of, both men and women characters can be traced in the design.

men’s line in the design of the apartment is: metal beams, rough wood, brick brutal.

 And parallel to the delicate female hand — painted small tiles, funny wallpapers, lightweight comfortable sofas, colorful chairs, frames with family photos.

One of the main features of the interior became a piano in the living room — the grand decoration of  the whole apartment.

When only one form of this remarkable instrument is already beginning to hear a nice melody, can you imagine the hubbub of the guests with a glass of Italian wine and the smell of pasta sauce, preparing in the kitchen.

The main designer’s task was to create different moods, smoothly flowing into each other, so that the apartment is comfortable for spending time both  in the great company of friends and in the narrow family circle.

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